Moving into Autumn

The autumn season is starting to unfold around us. Fall seems an appropriate a name as it is the time of the year where leaves begin to change color and fall from the trees and when we change are clocks and fall back in time. The air becomes crisper and there can be a pull towards comfort foods intended to warm and nurture us. It is a time of transition, away from the summer months and a movement forward towards the beginning of the school year, holidays and eventual winter months.

 At Connections Counseling, we value the idea of movement. While transitions can be challenging and for some anxiety provoking, they can also be the perfect time for a reboot. We change our clocks to fit the seasonal change as the nights grow longer, why can’t we change our perspective on how we look at transitions. Here are possible ways to reboot and help to move our bodies, minds and spirits into the new season:

·      It’s harvest time which means time to reap what we sewed. In that spirit move your mind towards all the things you have accomplished this year. Breath it all in. Take a moment to have grace for yourself in all that you could not accomplish. Exhale it all out. 

·       As the air turns crisp it’s the perfect time to move outside and engage your senses: feel the leaves underfoot, hear the sounds of crunching, smell the autumn air, and see all the beautiful changes that are taking place around you. 

·      Move your body into balance by taking a Satori yoga class. At Connections, we offer this type of yoga which uses movement and mediation to help create balance for your mind, body, and spirit. Learn more about this meditative style of yoga here.

Move into this new time of year and be present with all that it offers. Remember that seasons, like our emotions, are not permanent but are changing and fluid. If we allow ourselves to move with them then we can experience all that they bring. If you are feeling stuck in the past season or can't move out of an emotion, then perhaps Connections Counseling can help move you to where you want to be.

Stacy Sheridan