Trauma-sensitive treatment


Connections Counseling...A Leading Center for Trauma Sensitive Treatment

We pride ourselves on being a comprehensive trauma sensitive wellness center and are specifically trained in the unique needs of crime and trauma survivors. Connections Counseling practitioners have extensive experience in working with PTSD and trauma and use evidenced-based treatments such as: EMDRSensorimotor Psychotherapy, and Somatic Trauma Work.  

We treat all types of trauma: 

  • physical abuse
  • sexual abuse
  • domestic violence 
  • accidents
  • severe neglect
  • traumatic loss 
  • experiencing or witnessing any type of violence
  • natural disasters


Being a trauma sensitive center means we recognize that trauma is often the primary problem, even when the presenting problem may be different. We also understand that most people seeking therapy have some kind of trauma history. Trauma is often at the root of many issues therefore, we respectfully ask about trauma as part of our intake and assessment process. Normal development is affected by trauma and we take this into account during our treatment planning. Our wellness space is also designed to ensure safety, comfort, and nurturing while avoiding re-victimization.  

We work with crime victim’s compensation, insurance, and Jefferson County Social Services as some of our main payment providers.  

You really can find the healing you are looking for.