Summer time stress Management

Longer days and lots of sun. Walks in the national forests and lazy days at the beach. Ice cream and Popsicles. Summer is in full swing and while it can be a time of fun and excitement it can also be a time of anxiety and low self-esteem. What does this look like and how can you manage how it affects you?

 ·     High expectations for your summer and the fun things you planned can lead to anxiety when things do not turn out “perfectly”. Try lowering your expectations and understand that your picnic may get rained on. You may find yourself more relaxed and having a better time in spite of unforeseen curveballs.

·     Focusing on how other people look in their bathing suits and watching the fun things everyone else is doing can often make us feel inadequate. Take a break from social media and only looking outward at others. Try giving yourself some compassion and kindness, and find the things that makes you happy in what you are doing.

·     Trying to pack the longer days in with as much as possible can leave us feeling amped up and overstimulated. This can also lead to being tired and burn-out. Try building in some days during the week, or even moments within a day, to have some quiet time and re-charging time.

 Summer does not have to be overwhelming and leave you feeling exhausted daily. Remember to give yourself as much attention as needed to decrease anxiety, build up your self-esteem and move into autumn with renewed energy. Connections Counseling has a team of therapists to support your individual needs and we are always here to help. Sometimes just talking through your concerns with a therapist can help bring serenity back to your summer.

Stacy Sheridan